Massage Equipment and Supplies for Professional Massage Therapists

Whether you are establishing your massage practice or have been in the business for a number of years, finding a good, reliable source of supplies can be challenging. Massage equipment and tools change over time. They evolve, improve, and make your work easier and more effective. Our goal is to provide you with a one-stop resource for everything you need to outfit, maintain and grow your massage business.




Massage Tables, Chairs, Essential Oils, and a Lot More

The right massage equipment, products and supplies are essential to overall client satisfaction. Happy clients schedule ongoing appointments and they share their great experience with family and friends. We take the hassle out of shopping for your practice by providing information about the best items available and then teaming up with one of the most reliable online shopping sources on the web, Amazon.

Your One-Stop Resource for Massage Equipment & Information

As more and more people discover the medical benefits and stress-reducing rewards of massage, your practice will be in an ever greater position to grow and thrive. As your equipment needs change, you can rely on Supplies for Massage for the latest products and information to help you enhance your practice and reduce work-related injuries.

Massage Equipment, Supplies, and Oils Ideal to Support Holistic Medicine & Therapy Treatments

Featuring more than 200,000 items for both professional massage therapists and non-pros who enjoy giving their loved ones a relaxing massage, we offer an online resource where you’ll find everything from top brand massage tables to soothing oils and tranquil music.


Massage/Treatment Tables

Stationary tables are often used in the clinic or in the home, while portable tables are often used by massage therapists who travel to their client’s location. Find the table you need for your particular practice. Read More


Gels, Oils, Creams, Lotions

Massage oils reduce friction between the skin and hands and allow the therapist to work with greater ease. Their aromas can also be extremely relaxing for clients and help to ensure maximum enjoyment and therapeutic value. Read More


Alternative Medicine Books

Massage books can help the experienced massage therapist as well as the layman to explore alternative ways of healing and health in general or help to reinforce what one already knows.  Read More


Massage Videos

Seeing something visually is one of the best ways to learn a new technique when it comes to massage. We offer a wide variety of massage videos and DVDs to enhance the massage therapist’s skills or for personal use. Read More


Massage Chairs

The core part of any massage therapist’s collection of massage supplies is their massage table or chair. This is where the client will be spending most of their time, so choosing the right one is an important decision. Read More



Massage therapists will employ aromatherapy to make sure that their clients are getting the experience they want. Although not absolutely required for a good experience, they can make for a memorable one. Read More


Massage Tools

We offer a wide variety of specialty tools for the massage therapist as well as the enthusiast that can offer both convenience and versatility and often means the difference between a good massage and a great one. Read More


Massage Music

It has long been known that music is therapeutic in its own right. Music soothes and calms the mind and allows one to relax and forget the cares of the day. Read More

Massage Equipment & Massage Oils Ideal to Support Holistic Medicine & Therapy Treatments and Keep Clients Coming Back for More

Whether you are a certified licensed massage therapist or someone who enjoys giving a loved one a nice relaxing massage at home, using the right massage equipment and supplies can significantly improve the overall experience. A massage can go from a “so-so” experience to a dream.

At Supplies for Massage, we’ve assembled a broad assortment of equipment, tools, oils, music, and more to help you deliver the best massage possible for your clients. At the same time, the equipment you’ll find here will help you avoid those work-related  injuries that professionals often experience over the course of their careers.

As most professional massage therapists know, massage is about much more than knowing where to apply pressure. It is about creating an environment in which the client feels secure and relaxed so that the moment they lie down their stress begins to ease. Quality equipment — massage tables and chairs — as well as the oils applied and music playing in the background set the stage for an outstanding massage that reduces or eliminates a client’s aches and pains.

At Supplies for Massage we’re all about making the buying experience familiar, easy, and fast. But we’re also about providing you with timely information about massage itself, building a practice, improving your techniques, and staying current with the latest industry news.


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